Why Digital Marketing Is Important For Your Business?

Digital Marketing has emerged a big thing, but people still hesitate to adopt this to market their product or service.

A survey last year suggests that spending on internet already overtook traditional advertising spending. With rise in number of internet users in the world digital marketing emerged as one of the most effective marketing tool.

  1. We are living in digital world, people no more use phone directories, yellow pages or turn pages upon pages of broadsheets to search for information about some product or service they need. Almost 80% of consumers nowadays use internet to search about a product or service, and that make easier for them to choose from number of options available in market.
  2. Through the multiple channels of digital marketing your business will be able to reach out to the targeted audiences. A report says if a business move from a single to multiple channels to market a product, they record 300% improvement in generating leads & achieving targeted sales. And it also help in improving conversion rate, 24% more than single channel advertising.
  3. What you wish, less of money & more of reach to consumers, digital marketing is there for you, spend how much you want to. You can start from hundreds to try & experiment and if you see good response then spread your budget.
  4. Being 3rd largest smartphone market in the world, India to reach 236 million mobile internet users by 2016. Digital marketing can help you tap this huge market, now it’s a fact that mobile marketing generates up to34% of all organic traffic. So, digital marketing have great potential to get customers to your door steps
  5. With the advent of technology and rise in competition to provide better customer services, people expect real time response to their queries and complaints. Digital marketing provide real-time response mechanism which leads to greater customer satisfaction & ultimately results in business growth.
  6. With more savings, less cost, more lead generation digital marketing help your business to reap more revenue. Digital marketing strategies are confirmed to generate as much 2.8 times better revenue growth for businesses.

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