Carzonrent MYLES App Launch

Carzonrent MYLES App Launch

Customer Video

App Demo Video

Explainer Animation Video

The Challenges

Myles was a innovative Self Driving service with no human intervention required. When we started the production the

App was not not fully ready & its final testing was going on.  So the graphic design & animation demo creation was really a challenge.

The Solution

We have designed a campaign covering 3 different films to address different objectives including a live video film shot with a customer simulation environment.  The challenging part of live video was customer interaction with the app, which was not ready. So we carefully designed a storyline which explained the app usage in away that the audience

get a feel of comfort and convenience while watching the film without even knowing the visual effects used to create app visual experience.

The Outcome

All three videos served their individual purpose fantastically giving a full 360 degree user experience through the interesting & engaging storylines.




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