12 Most Effective Free/Affordable Tools for Startups

The beauty of startups is their disruptive approach to get things done. They are growth hungry passionate daydreamers full of ideas, tools and ways to do things in most cost effective & productive manner.

Well here are some very useful resources to add to your startup armory, simply check these out and I am sure you would find these pretty handy in your startup journey:

Free Stock Images Find free images for your collateral and designs on these free stock image resources


Crayon   Is one of the most comprehensive collection of marketing designs.

Pablo by Buffer  Helps you create engaging images for your social media posts in just few clicks

Marketing & Promotion

Hey Press  Free searchable database finds journalists for your startup.

BuzzSumo  Enable you research the content your audience really wants.

Mention   Monitor conversations that matter most to your brand.

Outbrain   Promote your blog post in ‘From Around the Web’ sections of CNN, FastCompany, Slate, Time etc.



UpWork gives you access to some of the top talent today in all areas, including web and mobile development, writers, designers, virtual assistants, customer service reps and more.

Wrike gives you an online place to meet, collaborate, discuss and share documents plus offers project management capability to track time, create tasks and monitor roles and responsibilities.

 PayFirma Offers very affordable Payment Gateway options for young entrepreneur. Its not free but offers very affordable plans for startups.



Unbounce  Build, publish and A/B test landing pages without I.T.

CanvasFlip a cloud-based prototyping platform, allows users to create clickable demos of their app or website, make informed changes, and collaborate with others.



Summer of Marketing  12 weeks of fast track Marketing MasterClass. From 0 to 10,000+ visitors/month

Marketing Podcasts  Discover some of the best marketing tips & tools podcasts

I hope some of these resources would help you to growth track your startup dream.


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